The Art of Placemaking with Mirvacs Paul Edwards - Part 2

When I got the opportunity to sit down with Paul Edwards the General Manager of Strategy and Customer at Mirvac, I couldn’t just end our conversation only having explored one aspect of what is a very large business! So welcome back for Part 2 of our conversation, The Art of Placemaking.

Mirvac is one of Australia’s largest commercial landlords, with their offering covers Retail, Office, Industrial and Build-to Rent. 

The COMUNiTI team and I have recently completed the new workplace for APA, occupying 4,500sqm in Mirvac’s 80 Ann St building.  This is an impressive building and one that I believe encapsulates many of the principles associated with the art of placemaking.

Placemaking is the idea that the spaces, buildings, precincts, neighbourhoods and city’s we create, form the heart of a community.  It’s the idea of strengthening the connections between people and place instilling shared values.  It’s the concept of creating a place that enhances user experience, delivering on physical, cultural, and social needs to establish a sense of belonging, connection and the further evolution.

So, to get the opportunity to speak with Paul about what inspired the design of 80 Ann St and its connection to place, was one I couldn’t pass up.  Encompassing the heritage marketplace, the building is “quintessentially Queensland”, employing ground plane laneways and pathways, local art, whilst actively supporting homeless community engagement.

In addition to exploring this precinct, Paul also shares the journey that they have taken in creating their South Everleigh precinct in Sydney.  Formerly an old railway yard, Mirvac has transformed this place into a thriving hub, embracing its heritage with a Blacksmith operating from the site, and an indigenous rooftop farm whilst considering the future sustainability with its use of solar.  Paul shares with us their Place Manifesto covering the 6 Themes of ;

  1. Everything Connects
  2. Big Picture Thinking
  3. Creating Common
  4. Human Scale
  5. Be of the past
  6. Be for the future

As businesses choose where to locate their workplaces and with whom they are going to partner, these principles of delivering more than just a place for people to work, are only going to continue to become of greater priority as we strive to attract the best talent to our organisations.  And I believe that considering these wider benefits is critical to our continued success and business performance, by enhancing our employee experience.

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