🎉 100th Episode! 🎉 What I’ve Learned…

2.5years ago, in the beginnings of a pandemic, I decided that I should launch my podcast. 100 episodes on and here we are! 🎉

A LOT has changed in this time. We’ve lived [and are living] through a pandemic, completely turned our idea of work upside down, questioned why we even need a workplace and battled so many more questions than we’d care to answer!

Over the past 100 episodes this podcast has been an integral part of my own journey in navigating this tumultuous time.

It has seen me transform not only my ideas on design, the workplace and the role that we play in supporting our clients on this journey, but it has also transformed me personally. I have grown, developed, and expanded my personal work style, my leadership, what I view success to be, and my depth of understanding on, what is culture, what it really means to embrace wellbeing, the relationship of brand and culture and even the extent to which our environments impact and guide our performance.

So in today’s episode I’m distilling the core learnings I’ve gleaned from these 100 episodes. What’s inspired me, changed my thinking, and set me on a new path.

I’ve captured them in three core themes;

  1. Wellbeing is embedded and holistic
    It’s something you can see in a business, and it can be financially measured
  2. The Role of Our Environment
    It impacts our behaviour and performance far more than I had truly understood
  3. It’s an inside job
    Leadership, happiness, success. It all starts with you.

This podcast has given me the platform to engage with some incredible people who are the best in their field and each of them have left their mark.

Here’s to the next 100 episodes!

This podcast was made possible with support from the Alastair Swayn Foundation. Find out more at alastairswaynfoundation.org

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