I’ve always known I would have my own business.  From a young age I was turning my creative pursuits into financial ventures; from selling my beautifully crafted beaded earrings to the dental assistants on our regular visits to bagging & selling horse manure.  While many kids are trying to work out who they want to be when they grow up, I knew I was off to Uni to be a designer, and every cent I made was saved to fulfil that dream. 

Today I am the sole director of COMUNiTI a workplace strategy & interior design studio, where our team of specialists reimagine workplaces where employees are happier, healthier and more engaged at work creating high performance teams. 

In partnering with our clients we fuse their vision with our know how, to guide them in imaging the possibilities of the future. 

Our clients range from global airlines in including Air NZ & Virgin Australia to local organisations such as Hall Chadwick, Ausenco & Livingstones. We’ve driven outstanding results with 95% of employees reporting increased job satisfaction, which in turn has enhanced wellbeing, relationships with peers and happiness at work. 

These results have seen Livingstones achieve their highest financial performance on record in the 6 mths after they moved into the space, which they have attributed to the way that their people are now able to interact and collaborate in the workplace.

Melissa Marsden

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