5 Day Workplace Challenge


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5 Day Workplace Challenge

With all the curve balls that 2020 has delivered to us, I’m witnessing the need of many organisations to revaluate their workplace environments and how they wish for their people to engage.

And that means that the space we need to facilitate those engagements also needs to change.

Join me for the 5 day workplace challenge and you’ll learn how to connect the intelligence in your organisation to your work environment to set you up for the future of work. 

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What is it?

A series of daily challenges so that you can begin to unpack your organisation and take you one step closer to creating your future workplace 

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Who is it for?

Managers of facilities, brand, people & culture who are responsible for planning the workplace and need support in navigating a new world of work

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What happens?

You'll receive a short video via email for 5 days with an actionable step to prepare your workplace for the future of work

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What's involved? 


You'll receive a short video from me via email, for each day of the challenge sharing one easy step to uncover the intelligence that already exists in your workplace.

In order to prepare our workplaces for the future, we need to understand where we are in order to determine where we need to be. 

By the end of the challenge you will have clarity around 5 foundations that will underpin your workplace for the future and how to implement them into your business.  


You'll have the opportunity to ask me questions about your workplace challenges and get a personalised video response! 

Insights from previous clients...

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"I'd never thought about what our workplace would look like in 5-10 years from now.  It's got me looking at our workplace differently."

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"Seeing our culture reflected back to us by the team, through this process has really reinforced it.  This will be important to put back into the workplace."

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"Going through this process has shown us how our workplace was physically working against our values and what we needed to change."

Melissa Marsden

I'm Melissa Marsden

Hi There! I'm a Workplace Dynamics Strategist. I work with corporates & professional services firms to create physical environments that drive high performance teams.

I believe that our environments have the opportunity to positively influence our behaviour and performance at work.

I support my clients to shift employee and business mindsets from slow, stagnant operations to agile and flexible environments, enabling them to swiftly adopt new business opportunities and streams, whilst establishing a premium level employee experience.

Our workplace environments need a new vision for the future and we need it fast!  

Join the Challenge!

Some of the organisations I've worked with..

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