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  • Struggling to stay motivated and feeling like working from home is just too hard?

  • Feeling like you don't have the space or setup to work effectively at home?

  • Exhausted at the end of every day, feeling lethargic and generally disengaged?

  • Remote working got you feeling disconnected from your team and work colleagues?

Melissa Marsden

All The Insights You Need To Make Work From Home WORK!

Research has shown that employees rank their physical workplaces as the fourth most important aspect of their employee experience.

Your home working environment is no different.  Our environments play a significant role in how we feel and how we perform. You now have full creative licence and the opportunity to create a workspace that inspires you!

You can Work From Home like a BOSS and I'll teach you how!


Struggling to stay focused Working From Home?

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Melissa Marsden

Meet your Blueprint Guide

Hi There! I'm Melissa Marsden and I'm a Workplace Dynamics Strategist. I work with corporates and professional services firms to create physical environments that drive high performance teams.

I believe that our environments have the opportunity to positively influence our behaviour and performance at work.

I support my clients to shift employee and business mindsets from slow, stagnant operations to agile and flexible environments, enabling them to swiftly adopt new business opportunities and streams, whilst establishing a premium level employee experience.

With the sudden need for us all to work remotely from home; a need that has not been by choice or design; I wanted to support each of us to transform our home, to work.  Unveiling the philosophy and principles that create our corporate work environments, I'll provide you with ideas and resources to shift how you think about work from home, and create a dynamic space that works for you! 

Workplace Dynamics Blueprint

Work from Home Edition

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Be Inspired!

Understand the foundation of why your workplace works and the strategy that underpins the design so you can replicate this at home.  Learn how to create a home base that you're excited to jump out of bed to get to! 

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Be Motivated!

The dynamics that exist in your corporate work environment are engineered to support your productivity and motivation.  Learn how to use your WHOLE home to support your daily work routine as you work remotely. 

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Be Connected!

Our workplaces optimise our sense of community and feeling of belonging.  Our team rituals and natural proximity support our ability to build relationships.  Learn how to continue to strengthen your relationships and collaborate online. 

“Employees rate the physical workplace as the 4th most important factor when looking for a new job". 

While employers believed it was one of the least important factors in attracting talent ranking it close to last at 8th | Randstad

What your Blueprint covers...

EVERYTHING you need to know to create a dynamic Work From Home environment.

Each module is an easy to follow video providing you all the knowledge you need to level up your work at home experience.

PLUS a beautifully designed workbook to keep track of your brain explosions as you work through the Blueprint, so you can put your IDEAS INTO ACTION.


Unveiling the philosophy and principles of workplace dynamics.

You have full creative licence in creating a workspace that gets you energised and motivated! Establish a home base that you'll want to leap out of bed for.

Brand leads culture and defines values.  Get clear on your values and use your online and offline environment to shine a spotlight on your personal brand.

Throw out that old working from home rule book! Become a master of self management while applying the principles of workplace design across your whole home to shift your mindset and optimise your performance.


Our workplaces are our Communities, built through shared values and a true sense of connection.  Define the dynamics of online and offline activities to foster the creation of community where you feel connected.


Here's what others have to say about the blueprint...

One of my biggest challenges in my work at home environment were the distractions. The Workplace Dynamics Blueprint has confirmed that establishing my routine has been a positive thing to do. Once I adjusted and created new routines for myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed working from home, the relaxed environment and the extra time it has provided. 

I think the Blueprint is a great and compact guide if you’re just starting out working from home, or if you find you have lost your focus or inspiration in that zone. There are some good practical reminders.

One of the biggest takeaways from the Blueprint was just how relevant our work environments are to our happiness and how it is more important (now more than ever) to reach out to others, to invest in our work relationships and daily / weekly traditions.

I enjoyed the Blueprint very much. 

Dominique, Business Support Officer | Fathom

Starter Pack


Everything you need to know to optimise your Work From Home experience

  • 5 modules with easy to follow videos
  • Beautifully designed workbook for you to capture all your brain explosions and learnings
  • Links to additional resources

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The Workplace Dynamics Blueprint | AT WORK will guide you through the 5 principles that underpin the workplace dynamics to optimise your employee experience. 

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