Workplace Trends Beyond 2020

The global pandemic has shifted how we work.  While we can’t predict the long term impact that the pandemic will have on our workplaces, what we have seen is an acceleration of the future of work and the role that technology is going to have in keeping us safe and enabling our productivity.

In this episode we explore what some of the technology’s that our buildings may look to incorporate into the future and how workplace management technology will enable us to monitor, manage and coordinate our workplaces.  We’ll discuss the role of wellbeing and how our buildings will look to become “healthier” into the future and how that can then translate into the physical design to enable employee wellbeing.

To support the evolution into the future a Workplace Strategy will be required as the foundation from which we build upon and this will encourage us to look at the true purpose of workplaces and where we are going as an organisation.  We discuss the shift in binary thinking of “either/or” to “and” and how this shift in mindset will lead to a hybrid approach to work and the opportunities it will present.

I’ll also share my views on the idea that the “hot desk is dead”.

I mentioned a few resources in the episode, you’ll find those here;

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