Why you need a Wellness Strategy with Katrina Walton

Why does your organisation need a wellness strategy?

As we are navigating our way through one of the most challenging times in our history, never has there been a more important time to develop and implement a wellness strategy that responds to the needs of your organisation. Many organisations roll out fruit boxes, flu shots and engage their people in step count challenges. While done with the very best of intentions, these initiatives can often be seen as failing to provide an ROI to the organisation, as they aren't connected to the corporate objectives and goals of the business.

Katrina Walton is the founder and director of Wellness Designs, a boutique workplace wellness business supporting Australasian organisations to create healthy, safe, engaged and high performing workplaces. Katrina and the team at Wellness Designs have identified that in order for a wellness strategy to truly succeed, that the capability to manage the strategy needs to come from within the organisation. So they develop their practitioner training program to ensure those charged with supporting the organisation were supported themselves. They have since gone on to launch the hub, a workplace wellness Resource Centre and community for those interested in knowing, learning and sharing all things workplace wellness.

Katrina believes that healthy employees equal healthy organisations which equals a healthy economy, a win win scenario. In this episode, we look at what a wellness strategy is, why your business needs one, and how you can ensure that your wellness strategy is delivering value to your business and isn't just another strategy that gets filed in the drawer.

Wellness Designs  | https://wellnessdesigns.com.au/

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