Getting you Future Fit with Andrea Clarke

Preparing ourselves for the future of work can be a daunting task. Faced with the rapid transformation of technology, the adoption of automation and AI into our workplaces and let’s not forget to throw in there a dose of global pandemic, who could blame you for thinking that the outlook was challenging. But as you’ll hear from today’s guest, it is also filled with possibility.

Andrea Clarke, is an advocate for people becoming “future fit”.
As a former television news reporter and Washington D.C. correspondent, Andrea covered major news events for Al Jazeera English, the Pentagon Channel and Thomson Reuters before working on humanitarian aid programs to re-build Iraq and Afghanistan.
Andrea then led the communication campaign for the Save Darfur advocacy movement to stop the genocide in Sudan.

Through her work she has been fulfilling her life’s purpose for growing careers, and in 2012 founded FutureFitCo, a digital learning business developing future fit people at scale, by accelerating the skills needed to lead with impact.

She is also the author of the award-winning book 'Future Fit: How to Stay Relevant and Competitive in the Future of Work'.

In today’s chat we cover;

  • How Andrea’s career in front of the camera inspired her desire for others to communicate with impact
  • What it means to be future fit and the steps you can take to prepare yourself for the future of work
  • The value of a Growth Mindset and how this skill alone will propel your career forward
  • The importance of shared purpose within organisations, how to find it and communicate it
  • The silver lining of COVID and how it has opened the door for us to redesign our world of work for the better
  • How creativity is in all of us and what you can do to tap into yours
  • Andrea’s own sense of purpose and the events that led her to understanding and articulating her own values
  • The routines and rituals that Andrea uses to ensure she’s showing up as her best self

As quoted by Andrea;
“The future of work is about our talent. It’s about the way we negotiate change, actively pursue transformation & deploy human skills to create value - both for ourselves and the organisations we work for.”

Andrea is an engaging and straight-talking woman on a mission to transform our organisations from the individual level for a better future. You’ll leave this chat inspired to look inward and evaluate your skills and opportunities for growth.

Andrea Clarke
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