Living your Life by Financial Design with Mel Browne

Talking about Money is often a taboo subject, however if we want to be empowered to take control of our own financial literacy it’s a subject that we really need to get comfortable with.

Today’s Guest Mel Browne an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor & ex-working till she drops. These days she’s a best-selling author, financial educator, business strategist & mentor and entrepreneur who is particularly passionate about helping women live a life by design, and not by default.

Something we both have in common.

Mel is passionate about changing the conversation that women in particular have around money, how we make it, save it and spend it.

In today’s chat we cover;

  1. What living a life by design means to her
  2. How our money story and money type influences our decisions and approach to money
  3. The money messaging that the media portrays to men and women when it comes to our behaviour with money
  4. How to navigate the money conversation in your relationships
  5. The routines and rituals that Mel has incorporated into her life so that she can continue to live her life by design

While Mel is an ex-accountant, and full of financial wisdom, she is also full of personality and sage advice for those of us who no-longer view corporate burnout as a career option.

So, let me introduce you to Mel Browne.

Mel Browne

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