Career Alignment Without Running Your Own Show with Olivia Ruello

Creating a work life that you love doesn’t mean that you need to head out and set up your own business. Often we hear of people who have climbed the corporate ladder, only to hit burn out and decide that the only way forward is to take their skills and go it on their own.

Well today’s guest is here to share with us, how if being an entrepreneur is not the path that you desire, there is another way.

Olivia Ruello is the CEO of Business Chicks, stepping into the role in 2016, when founder Emma Isaacs expanded into the US. Business Chicks is Australia’s largest and most influential community for women in business, committed to the personal and professional growth of women.

Liv has had a portfolio career starting out in Industrial Relations, before joining Business Chicks to lead their Partnerships and Brand team, for four years from 2009. She spread her wings in 2013 moving across to the Commonwealth Bank, where she drove a unique leadership and culture agenda for the corporate banking division, focused on embedding vision and values to create a more human centric culture.

Olivia has a deep passion and sense of purpose, advocating for women’s economic security and empowerment, advancement in leadership roles and supporting the growth of female led businesses.

As you’ll hear in today’s chat, Liv comes from a lineage of strong women who have done much to support the advancement of women and it is an absolute pleasure to have someone who I deeply admire for the culture that she has built within the team at Business Chicks join me to share her wisdom.

You’ll leave this conversation inspired, and with new perspective on how you can design a life you love.

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