Values – The Guide Rails to Life

One of the foundations to designing a life and career that you love is understanding your values. That means understanding your own sense of right and wrong, good and bad, what's important and what is not important to YOU, not what you’ve been intrinsically taught, or to those around you.

Values serve as the guide rails to our lives. They keep us moving forward in the right direction, stop us from wandering off course, or into areas that don't feel good, or right for us. They help us to embody the qualities that we want in order to guide our actions and behaviours and build the life we want to live.

This is relevant both in a corporate setting and at an individual level. As individuals we need this sense of self-awareness so that we can have our own moral compass and as an organisation we need them so that we can align our team, create focus, direction, and importantly, demonstrate what is ok and what's not ok.

In this episode, I talk through;

  • Why values are crucial and what can happen when you don’t stop to identify them
  • How values operate in an organisational setting
  • The concept of values as ‘buckets’ and how we can design a life and work life we love by identifying what’s important to fill these buckets.

If you are looking for some help defining your values, are or in need of a refresher to check in to see if they still resonate with you, download my free Setting Your North Star workbook. The tools in this workbook help you to identify your sense of purpose and the values that are most important to you. Get your copy at

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