Designing your One Beautiful Life with Tina Tower

One person that I believe optimises the idea of creating a work life they love is Tina Tower. Tina is a self-confessed professional development junkie and lover of work, but has also learned the hard way that continuing to push through is not always the best way.

Tina has lived a vast and varied life to date, starting her first business at 20, she went on to found and grow her tutoring business into a national franchise of 35 centres. When her business was acquired in 2016, she began coaching other people on how to scale their service-based businesses, however, she found she was often repeating the same fundamental information and so decided to create an online course.

Deciding to test out her newfound freedom with online course creation, Tina set off to travel the world for a year with her husband and two children visiting 28 countries, whilst growing the online business a few hours a day.

Since returning her online empire has continue to grow and she know runs her “little’ online business from her small farm on Australia’s East Coast.

In today’s chat, Tina shares with us both the ups and downs of business, but more importantly how her mindset and approach to her work life has morphed and evolved to match the seasons of her life. She shares how her purpose for her life and her business fuels her drive every day and the routines and rituals that she has embraced to ensure that she is showing up in a way that delivers massive value to those that work with her.

As a member of Tina’s Her Empire Builder, I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Tina over the past 12mths and seen the passion that she has for her business but also the foundations that she has laid for herself to ensure she’s living her best life in alignment with her vision.

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