Babies at Work, It can Work! With Nadia Taylor

“If in doubt, do it!”

Putting off starting a family in exchange for your career, is a conversation that I have had many times with my female friends and colleagues.  In this episode of Work Life by Design I’m chatting with Nadia Taylor from Mapien on her experience of shifting from thinking she didn’t want children to integrating her new son Atlas not only into her career but also into her workplace.

As a passionate advocate for returning mums to the workplace, I was fortunate enough to watch as Nadia navigate this experience successfully, returning to work with Atlas in arms at 2 weeks old.  Nadia inspired me that it was possible to continue to operate a successful business and return to work with a baby with a little planning.

As an Executive Director at Mapien, Workplace Strategists, Nadia shares with us her career journey of growing from a graduate to building a million dollar practice and how deciding to have a child was decision she had put off.  We discuss the impact that a lack of role models can have on your perception of what is acceptable, the fear that stops us from asking for opportunities at work, along with the cultural shift that comes from having a baby in the office.

If you are considering starting a family and how you can continue your career or are an organisation looking to embrace greater flexibility for your workforce, you need to tune into this episode!

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