Technology: Enhancing Our Experience of Work with Cameron Douglas

Take a moment and think back to the beginning of 2020.  How has your interaction and use of technology changed?   

I would hazard a guess that at the start of 2020, you rarely worked from home, you may have done the occasional Zoom call [if you even knew what zoom was] and there was no way you would have entertained presenting to a client on it.  All your team meetings were done in person. 

Life looks pretty different right now.  

Today’s guest is Cameron Douglas, the newly appt CEO of Videopro.  Cameron has been a long standing employee of Videopro who has worked his way to the top and is now proudly leading the organisation into an exciting new technology enabled world. 

As the name suggests, they are the professionals when it comes to video, servicing the professional services and education sector along with their retail stores open to the public.  

Cameron and I discuss the opportunities and challenges that technology has afforded us, as well as taking a look at where the future of workplace technology is going and how it is shifting our experience of work.   

We often think of workplace technology as our laptops, the servers and the connectivity of these, however the world of workplace technology can be far more expansive from recognising your number plate as you enter the building, to assigning you a desk and ordering your coffee.  

It has the ability to transform our experience of work.  


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