Managing Cognitive Overload with The Third Space with Dr Adam Fraser

The ability to transition from one event to another has a significant impact on how we show up in those spaces. The mindset and mental state that we approach each task, activity, conversation or moment with ultimately defines how that situation turns out.

As more of us are continuing to work from home or engage in a hybrid work style, the conscious awareness that we know need to bring to these moments has become increasingly important.

So, who better to chat to about the impact of these moments than Dr Adam Fraser; researcher, speaker and the author of “The Third Space” just one of his four best selling books.

Dr Adam Fraser is a human performance researcher and consultant who studies how organisations adopt a high-performance culture to thrive in this challenging and evolving business landscape. In this time, he has worked with elite level athletes, the armed forces and business professionals of all levels. In the last 10 years he has delivered more than 1500 presentations to over half a million people in Australia, US, New Zealand and worldwide.

In today's episode we chat about:

  • What is ‘The Third Space’
  • How cognitive overload is affecting our ability to move through “the third space” effectively
  • How can you use Adam’s three-part process to effectively prepare yourself in that critical transition moment in “the third space”
  • How we can re-recreate lost “third space” moments when we are working from home
  • How we as leaders can support our employees through change
  •  The workplace’s reputation for dismissing emotion and how we can hold space for our teams to move through emotion
  • The impact that constant interruptions are having on our mental capacity to concentrate and ways that we can begin to find periods of “flow” in our work day

Adam’s research is peppered throughout this entire conversation providing a data driven response to his thoughts and giving many of our “feelings” a valid and scientific explanation.

Dr Adam Fraser

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