Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? You're not alone...

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s the big conversation at the moment.
I’m seeing it in the people I’m coaching, the people I’m connecting with and I’m hearing it from colleagues in the industry.
It seems that many of us that are feeling this way - and turns out there is a LOT of data that explains why.

Research shows we’ve been working longer hours during COVID, but to me, this doesn’t seem like anything new because certain industries and professions have always carried these expectations.

Regardless this is something that we need to be paying attention to. The World Health Organisation have released a report stating that we are at a 35% higher risk of stroke and 17% higher risk of dying from heart disease when we work 55 hrs or more, compared to working 35-40hrs a week.

So in this episode I want to share with you some of the research around why we are feeling this way, examine the science behind it and provide you with some ideas to manage your work life to reduce your feelings of fatigue, overhwhelm and exhaustion.

Let’s jump in!

WHO - Working Longer Hours

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Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index: Annual Report

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