Can we design work 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style? with Dr Meg Hooper

Today I’m joined by Dr Meg Hooper, Organisational Psychologist and change specialist. Meg is a registered psychologist with a PhD in organisational psychology and she brings an academic thought process to a very similar world that I tend to work in. 

Meg looks at work and our work lives from a very different angle, but with the same intentionality around what the outcome should be. Today, we have a really interesting conversation around how systems within our organisation support the type of work that we need to do and us as individuals, how we can promote self-leadership and self-determination so that we can really start to build our own ways of working and how that actually needs to feed into our individual resilience responses.  

So the context of what we discussed today is around what can be described as ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’; how can we enable, support and empower our people to determine how and where they work and within the predefined parameters of the organisational culture and policies?  

We also discuss: 

  • What is organisational psychology? 
  • Individual resilience vs team resilience   
  • The importance of boundaries in the workplace 
  • Understanding practical elements of cross-functional collaboration 

I thoroughly enjoyed this chat; Meg and I have very similar ideas about how our world of work can operate in a very positive and proactive manner. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording it. 

Dr Meg Hooper 

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