Making Work Absolutely Human with Rhonda Brighton-Hall

Work is an incredibly important aspect to the lives of many of us and finding a workplace that enables us to thrive and to contribute forms a large part of our personal feeling of purpose and of belonging. 

Rhonda Brighton- Hall is CEO of mwah. Making Work Absolutely Human, Chair of the AHRI Institute, National D&I Advisory Panel, a Patron for ASPECT (Autism Australia) and recognised as a game changer in the future design of organisations, HR, leadership, diversity and inclusion and work.

Having worked, lived and lectured in Asia, Europe and the USA, Rhonda is a former AHRI HR Leader of the Year and Telstra Businesswoman of the Year.

Launched in 2017, mwah. is a determinedly optimistic Think Tank about the future of work, a growing community, and a tech and analytics business changing the way we understand people and culture; designing a future of work that works for more of us.

Rhonda is a beautiful soul with an obvious passion for disrupting workplace with the intention of helping them be better so they can do better.

In today’s chat we discuss:

  • What is culture and how do you define it?
  • Is there such a thing as a good culture or a bad culture?
  • Why is belonging important and what can we do to support it?
  • What impact has remote working had on culture and belonging?
  • As organisations where are the opportunities for us to learn from the great social experiment of COVID and intentionally create our experience of work into the future

A passionate yet light-hearted conversation, Rhonda is a joy to speak to and you will glean an alternative lens through which you can begin to look at your organisation. 

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