5 Levels of Workplace Autonomy: Reimagining a Remote Workforce


There has been much discussion about what the future of work will look like and the decisions that some organisations have already taken, and some at the extremes; to remain working remotely for good or mandated returns to the office.

In this episode I’m taking you through Matt Mullenweg’s, 5 Levels of Autonomy.  As the Founder of Automattic, the creators of Wordpress and a fully distributed workforce of over 1200 people in 57 countries, he has a clear view of these 5 levels that organisations can move through to achieve what he describes as Nirvana.

I’ll then share with you my thoughts on some of the considerations that we will need to contemplate and potential hurdles that we will need to overcome as we move through these 5 Levels from our previous IRL [in real life] workplaces. 

This is a new landscape for us all and I’d love to know what conversations you’ve had in your workplace as you begin to navigate the way forward and the future of work in your organisation.



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