The Impact of Wellbeing on Business Performance with Dr Adrian Medhurst 


The global pandemic has had a significant impact on the way we all work and live, and this impact has had a flow on effect to our wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally.

As you’ll hear in this conversation, its not only our work and life that we need to be considering its also our wellbeing and performance.

Today’s guest is Dr Adrian Medhurst, the co-founder of Benny Button a work-life wellbeing and performance business. Adrian explains the inherent link between our wellbeing and our performance and how this impacts our ability to perform at work.

Adrian is a Doctor of Organisational Psychology, a speaker, author, educator and thought leader on a mission to optimise performance and wellbeing for people and organisations. He specialises in performance psychology, wellbeing science, stress mastery, mindfulness, behavioural change and innovation.

The conversation around wellbeing in our workplaces is not a new conversation however what we have observed is that it is now a more prominent one.

In today’s chat with Adrian we discuss;

  • The impact that COVID has had on the wellbeing of our people
  • How organisations can begin to understand and address this impact with their people and 5 questions to help you start the conversation
  • The reframing of resilience to resourcefulness
  • The concept of “experimentation” and the change of mindset that it brings
  • The tools that organisations can use to support the wellbeing of their people in the workplace
  • How Adrian, personally, took the adversity of COVID and turned it into adventure

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