Workplace Equality #choosetochallenge


We have recently celebrated International Women's Day with the theme #choosetochallenge and I had the pleasure of sitting on the panel at Orange Digitals recent event, alongside Nicolette Baker and Brooke Jamieson moderated by Liz Ballantyne.

This is a collection of my takeaways and thoughts from the event of where we could continue to choose to challenge and what this looks as both men and women in our organisations from;

  • Starting the conversation and how we can all begin to manage up 
  • The importance of co-creation and inviting different perspectives to the conversation
  • Balancing opportunity and the impact of male parental leave
  • Onsite Childcare
  • What success looks like for you? 

Plus I also share a section from Glennon Doyles book Untamed, around how as women we can have an instinctual response that we can choose to challenge.  

You can find the book here.

How can you continue the conversation? 


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