Returning to the Workplace: Optimising Space for People with Claudette Leeming


Claudette is the Head of Property Strategy & Performance at Australia Post where she is responsible for managing their corporate property portfolio and the continual evolution of their workplace to support the highly dynamic and changing organisation.

Claudette has worked in the property industry for 25years, graduating from RMIT with a degree in Interior Design. Claudette’s focus quickly centred on workplace design and strategy where she spent 20 years delivering workplace projects for a broad range of clients and industries. 

In today’s chat, Claudette and I discuss:

  • What Australia Post’s property portfolio looks like, across the entire organisation and in more detail at a corporate office level,
  • How COVID has impacted the workplace operations differently in each of the states with the varying extents of time out of the office,
  • How they have managed the organisational needs to date
  • As people, our ability to adapt and our resourcefulness to change when we need to; and
  • Her perspective on the death of “hotdesking”.

Claudette provides an insightful and considered approach to workplace management and how the pandemic has shifted mindsets and the opportunities that we are now presented to reimagine our future of work. 

Claudette Leeming | LinkedIn

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