Your Wellbeing Strategy, More than just a Fruit Box


To celebrate the launch of the Your Workplace Future Ready program, I’ll be going LIVE daily discussing all things work! If you’d like to join and have a question you can find me on Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin – see the links below.

While many organisations have the best of intentions in supporting their employee’s wellbeing, we need to be looking beyond offering a fruit box or introducing a step challenge.

The health and wellbeing of our employees is an employers responsibility, as Gallup say;

“People with thriving wellbeing simply do better in life. And companies with thriving employees do better business.”

We need to be looking at the three elements of wellbeing and how our workplace environments are supporting them.

I'm going live at 10am every day to celebrate the doors to the Your Workplace Future Ready program opening. This is my 7 week online program to build your internal capability and empower you to transform your workplace from the inside out.

The doors to the program are open, until Tuesday March 2nd, 3pm AEST. You can sign up at the link below.


Your Workplace Future Ready Program | Doors Close Tuesday, March 2nd

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