The Brand Story Founded on Country Values with Dugald Warby

Your brand is so much more than a logo.  It’s your story, what you stand for and how you want to be seen.  In this episode I’m pleased to be introducing you to Dugald Warby. Duge is one of the partners at Hall Chadwick Qld, a firm that was founded 40 years ago with deep roots back to Western Queensland.

In this episode Duge and I discuss their pride for their history, how they have managed to maintain their small firm mentality and what it takes to make it 40years in business.  With a client base that spans from inner city to loyal 3rd generation rural clientele we explore how these relationships have stood the test of time and the impact that Hall Chadwick’s strong country values have played in this.

Having the pleasure of looking deeper into their organisation several years ago when designing their new workplace, I had the opportunity to look under the façade and get to the heart of their business, to truly understand their culture and how their country heritage infused their business.  Duge and I discuss how they started the journey of “we need more space, we need a new office” to how the design of their workplace has enabled their team and the feeling that it gives to people before they have even met someone, and how the space reflects who they are really are. 

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