Business Innovation | Enabling Work that Matters with Fiona Triaca

Fiona is the Founder and CEO of Naked Ambition, a design-led innovation company.  She is also the host of Naked Ambition the Podcast where she interviews the people who are making an impact in leadership, Innovation and design, across the world.

As a fellow design thinking and purpose led business owner I’m really excited to have been able to interview Fiona on how she has supported the transformation of organisations through her work and the positive impacts that she has seen this bring to individuals, clients and businesses.

This episode unpacks what innovation is within our organisations and Fiona explains the three horizons that organisations can consider in creating and leading more innovative companies, the outcomes that can be achieved and how enabling these skills internally can sustain greater long term innovation within in the organisation long after the consulting team have left the building.

We also discuss the transformation that we have witnessed by great leaders and how their raw humanity has led their organisations through what has been arguably one of the toughest periods of our lifetime, and the initiatives that have been rapidly implemented to respond to the needs of their people. 

We discuss;

  • What is innovation and where do we start to put a focus on innovation in our business
  • Which area’s of business organisations are putting more focus on in order for them to become more innovative
  • The self awareness and consciousness of our personal work styles that has been a positive outcome of the pandemic
  • The opportunity that virtual collaboration can bring to a project and the simple tools you need to optimise the experience

We also mention a couple of books and podcasts through the episode, you can find the links to those below:

When by Dan Pink

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Naked Ambition with Amy Childs

Naked Ambition with Lisa Gray

Matthew McConaughey with Ryan Holiday

Such an enjoyable conversation that really gets to the heart of personal awareness and reflection on why we do what we do and, our own personal work styles.  


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