Setting Your North Star

Gaining clarity on our own sense of purpose and the values that we wish to live by form the foundation from which we can then live out a life of alignment.  When we are unclear on these aspects of our life, we can get off course, make decisions that don’t feel right and enable others to make decisions for us, as we have no real clarity on where we are heading, our North Star.

By centring ourselves around our purpose and being able to articulate what it is that we stand for and stand against, we are empowered to make decisions confidently, to communicate what it is important to us and to attract people into our lives that align with our desire.

This episode will take you on journey to prompt contemplation of what your north star looks like and the actions you can take to re-orientate yourself in its direction. 

You can download a copy of the worksheets I mention in the episode at the link below.  

Download Ikigai & Values Template




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