Self Fidelity | How to Thrive at Work with Cassandra Goodman

Cassandra Goodman is a coach, facilitator and the author of the newly realised book Self-Fidelity.  With over three decades of business experience across multiple industries she has held many different senior leadership roles, including Global Director of Employee Experience at a healthcare company where she activated the organisation’s purpose ‘Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives’ for their 86,000 employees across the world.

In addition to growing her own business, Cassandra is a Thrive Global facilitator and executive coach. Thrive Global is an organisation founded and led by Arianna Huffington with the mission to end the global epidemic of stress and burnout. Cassandra is passionate about contributing to this mission.

In this episode we discuss;

  • what is “self-fidelity” and why is this important in creating workplaces that inspire human potential
  • How our conditioning in the workplace may have been misguiding us and preventing us from living our true nature as humans
  • The 4 elements of self fidelity
  • The one thing that you can do today to align your work aspirations to your true nature.

 You can connect with Cassandra on LinkedIn and if you’d like to learn more on Self Fidelity you can purchase a copy of her book at the link below.  Use the code DESIGN at the checkout for FREE shipping.

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