The Link Between Values and Behaviours

Have you ever considered the link between the values and the expected behaviours in your organisation?  When we set the values of our organisation, we need to go deeper in order to clearly communicate the expectations of our culture.  In going to that next level we are looking at the behaviours that we expect to see when we are living in alignment with the values of our organisation.  When we have clarity of the behaviours, we can then begin to use our environment to encourage people to do more of the things that align with the expected values of the business. 

This episode is going to give you a sneak peak into what we cover in this module in the Your Workplace Future Ready program.  In the program we dive into this topic looking at the science that sits behind our workplace design, and how you can uncover the values and then articulate the behaviours that you’d like to observe in your workplace.  You’ll also understand how to use your workplace to reinforce the desired behaviours to enable your organisation to live out its values.  

Melissa Marsden | 

Your Workplace Future Ready | 


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