The Scientific Impact of Workplace Design with Dr Libby Sander

Designing a workplace that yields results is in fact a science.  Dr Libby Sander is Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Bond University, where she researches the impact that our workplaces have on our lives across, neuroscience, architecture, psychology, entrepreneurship and urban design.

As a follower of Libby's work I was intrigued to understand the link between a well designed and considered space and the comfort and performance levels of individuals.  In this episode we discuss the effects that our environments have on our ability to concentrate, communicate and perform and how the aesthetic beauty of the space we occupy can also subliminally effect our preferences. 

You'll learn about how our brains react to our physical environments and why it is so important to consider our environments holistically, including lighting, air, noise, colours, materials and amenities.  Libby shares with us her framework for defining our best work environments, as well as how our unique personalities impact on our personal preferences for spaces and why a one size fits all approach doesn't work.

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