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Tom Price is the Founding Director of Aston Qld and Simon Backhouse is the company's Associate Director of Workplace Technology.  Aston are specialist building services engineers and technology consultants operating solely in the commercial workplace sector.  They are dedicated to delivering advice, design and technical support in the areas of engineering and workplace technology.  With clients such as Atlassian, Zoom & Dropbox in their portfolio, Aston are at the forefront of what’s happening in workplace design and technology and the impact on our future of work.

I was fortunate enough to get an insight into how they see the future of work playing out in technology space in this interview. 

We cover everything from our desire for intuitive technology to the impact that working from home has created on the technological infrastructure of our organisations.

 In this episode you’ll learn about;

  • The richness of conversations that are now happening around workplace design as a result of COVID
  • How workplace management systems will be able to support the organisation of people and place into the future
  • The ability to see how our workplaces are really being utilised through data
  • How technology is an important component of how we feel about our workplace environments and our experience of work
  • The dramatic evolution of workplace conferencing technology and the shift from large expensive purpose built systems to mobile and agile
  • Cautions the overuse of technology and the opportunity to support both sides of our brains
  • How enabling your organisation to be future ready needs to encourage a little bit of play
  • The possibility that Virtual Reality will bring to our workplaces
  • The inequality challenge that we are now faced with around “work from home’
  • The challenge of replacing the face to face watercooler conversation with technology

Whilst this conversation is a lot about the technology of organisations we also get a little philosophical about us as humans and leaders and how technology is not necessarily the answer to everything. 

Melissa Marsden |

Aston Consulting | 

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