Digital Wellbeing and The Impact on Productivity with Dr Kristy Goodwin

Does that “ping” of your email make your whole body tense?  Chances are you could be experiencing “digital stress”. 

Dr Kristy Goodwin is a speaker, author, researcher and media commentator exploring the impacts that our digitalised lives have on our physical health, mental wellbeing and productivity. She works with organisations, both big and small, to optimise employees’ digital wellbeing and productivity as they navigate remote working arrangements.

Kristy makes understanding the why of how we engage with technology and how we can counteract our dependencies with it, easy and tangible.  Using scientific research, Kristy works with individuals and organisations to tame their tech in order to consciously manage their digital distractions to enhance mental wellbeing and productivity.

In this episode we discuss the impact that our technology is having on our physical health and particularly our eyes, the side effects of being tethered to technology and how we need to balance our “screentime with greentime”.  We also get a bit nerdy discussing neuroscience and the chronotypes that guide us in finding our most productive work time. 

One of the most challenging situations for us all at the moment with the shift to remote working, is the setting of what Kristy calls “techspectations”, the rules that underpin the use of technology and the expectations that we have within our organisations. 

Kirsty shares with us the three most important things we can do as leaders in our organisations to move the needle for our employees and their relationship with technology.

Passionate about changing our relationship with technology this is one chat that we can all take something actionable away from. 

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