Creating the rules of belonging with Fiona Robertson

As humans we are hardwired for social connection in order to survive, a deep need to feel like we belong.  My guest in this episode helps us to understand the connection between organisational culture and the rules of belonging. 

Fiona Robertson is a culture and leadership expert, she is also the author of Rules of Belonging - change your organisational culture, delight your people and turbo-charge your results.

Fiona was also the Head of Culture at NAB, and was actually there at the same time as our last guest Sarah Skeats who was Head of Brand, and it was together that they transformed the brand and culture of NAB delivering a completely integrated brand strategy “more than money”.  IF you haven’t had a chance to listen to that episode, skip back to Episode 13 after this one and take a listen to her take on the connection between brand and culture. 

Fiona shares with us her experiences of how culture is often misunderstood and how having the best strategy in your organisation is only a piece of paper unless you have the culture required to execute it. 

We discuss the impact of the physical environment on our behaviours and she also shares a beautiful example of how just the shape of a table shifted mindset and changed the conversation, decision making and balance of power within a room. 

This conversation covers a lot of ground from the impact That working from home is having on our sense of belonging, the brain and its interpretation of social pain and her iceberg model describing the reasons for functional & disfunctional behaviour.

Fiona and I could have talked about this topic for hours! Her passion and deep connection to enabling organisations to align strategy, culture and belonging radiates from her.

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