The Business of Brand in the New Era with Sarah Skeats

Sarah Skeats is a Partner of BoB Group, or otherwise known as Business of Brand, where she is also the Managing Director of BoB Australia.  BoB are a purpose driven business supporting organisations to make an impact and “shift the world into a new era”.

Sarah has delivered record-breaking acquisition, retention and brand campaigns with leading global and national brands including Microsoft, Telstra and recently as the Head of Brand at NAB, where she delivered the latest brand strategy, More than Money.

However as you’ll hear in our discussion, Sarah realised that in order to truly deliver on a brand strategy, it needed to be integrated into the entire business, which she realised very quickly needed alignment with the culture team. The success of this strategy was how it was tied back to the core of the business and alignment with the organisational purpose.

We also discuss

  • the difference between brand and branding
  • the impact of brand through every touch point of a business and how its instrumental in from the top in defining purpose & vision right through to sales & products
  • the opportunity that comes from pulling your market towards you through by building community
  • As well as how uncovering and shining a light on your employee’s personal brands can open up new market channels and revenue streams in your business

We also chat about one of our clients Hall Chadwick, their brand story and how the process of uncovering their brand enabled them to visually see how they showed up through the physical environment.  You can listen to that one again if you missed it back at Eps 3, of the podcast.

Sarah explains how when we connect into purpose, understanding our brand and our community, we can then create a space that articulates their brand and bring it to life in a physical space.  She also shares with us the true impact that a well-executed brand can have on your business, and how investing in your people enables you to live up to your brand promise, along with the role that purpose plays in business. 

Sarah has worked with hundreds of businesses and business leaders globally, helping them grow and step into their own potential through brand led growth. She is here to shift their belief of what’s possible.

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