The Value in Designing for Business Values with Nadia Taylor.

In this very first episode of Work Life by Design, I am pleased to be introducing you to Nadia Taylor.  Nadia is not only an Executive Director at Mapien Workplace Strategists, she is also an amazing woman!

Mapien have been on an transformational journey over the past 2years that has seen them evolve from a traditional, slow moving organisation to one that has rapidly adopted change, achieved a successful business merger and acquired several businesses. 

I have had the joy of knowing Nadia for about 4 years now.  COMUNiTI have also had the extreme pleasure of calling Mapien one of our clients and the privilege of supporting them in this transformation that saw them achieve their highest financial performance in their 35year history only 6mths after moving into their new work environment.  

In this episode Nadia shares just how important it is to have a strong foundation of values in your organisation and the business value that can be achieved by measuring every decision against these values.

Nadia has an extensive knowledge of leadership and people experience which she has combined with a hands on approach to growing a people focused business.  She also loves to travel and explore new horizons, preferably with her 3 year old son Atlas by her side.  

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